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 59 Hand-picked Traffic Analysis Tools


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  • Piwik   - Open source web analytics software based on PHP and MySQL.

    Own description: "Free Web Analytics Software"

  • PhpMyVisites   - Open source web analytics tool written in PHP. The tool is not actively developed anymore, the developers effort is now focused on Piwik.

    Own description: "phpMyVisites | An open source website statistics and web analytics application (license GNU GPL)."

  • WebTrends   - Web traffic analysis tool and service by NetIQ.

    Own description: "Web Analytics | Re-Imagine Digital Marketing Solutions | Webtrends"

  • AWStats   - Free web, ftp or mail log analysis tool.

    Own description: "AWStats Official Web Site - Get advanced graphical web, ftp or mail statistics with a logfile analysis (For IIS, Apache,... distributed under GNU GPL)."

  • SmarterStats   - Web site access statistics tool by SmarterTools.

    Own description: "SmarterStats website statistics and SEO software provides detailed web analytics to help businesses build their online presence and improve SEO efforts."

  • WebLog Expert   - Access log analyzer.

    Own description: "WebLog Expert is a powerful access log analyzer. It can give you valuable website statistics. Lots of reports will help you to learn more about your visitors and increase the popularity of your site."

  • Lyris HQ   - Web log analyzer and visitor tracking service, formerly ClickTracks.

    Own description: "Cloud and On-Premises products that provide real-time marketing analytics, advanced segmentation, and intelligent targeting across Social, Mobile and Web."

  • Tealeaf   - Website visitor interaction analyzer.

    Own description: "IBM Tealeaf customer experience management solutions provide visibility and insight to help meet online conversion and customer retention objectives."

  • TraceWatch   - Free website traffic analysis tool based on PHP and MySQL.

    Own description: "TraceWatch Web Stats - Website Traffic Analysis - Extensive Statistics, Path Analysis and other enterprise-class features for FREE with an innovative usable user interface"

  • WhosOn   - Live web statistics tool and service by Parker Software.

    Own description: "Award winning Live Chat Software from WhosOn. Track, chat and engage with customers on your website with Live Chat."

  • Wusage   - Web log analysis tool by Boutell.

    Own description: "Wusage"

  • AccessWatch   - Website traffic analysis tool written in Perl by David Maher.

    Own description: "AccessWatch - Web Site Traffic Analysis"

  • CNStats   - Website visitor statistics tool by CN-Software.

    Own description: "CN-Software Ltd. - web-sites software development"

  • EasyStat   - Real-time web statistics tool.
  • Http-Analyze   - Web logfile analyzer by Rent-A-Guru.

    Own description: "HTTP-ANALYZE is a logfile analyzer for web servers."

  • Sawmill   - Web log analyzer.

    Own description: " Sawmill is a universal log analysis/reporting tool for almost any log including web, media, email, security, network and application logs."

  • Seo Administrator   - SEO tools by FlamingoSoft.

    Own description: "Seo Administrator is an integrated suite of web promotion utilities that cover all aspects of website optimization and promotion."

  • Summary   - Web log analysis software.

    Own description: "Summary.Net - Homepage"

  • SurfStats   - Web traffic analysis tool and service.

    Own description: "Website statistics and web analytics reports of standard, proxy and streaming media server log files with SurfStats Website Website Analytics and SurfStatsLive reporing Server"

  • Absolute Log Analyzer   - Web traffic analysis tool by BitStrike.

    Own description: "Client-based log processing solution designed for web traffic analysis."

  • AlterWind   - Web server log analysis tool.

    Own description: "Web statistics software - AlterWind Log Analyzer. Analyze web site traffic stats and web site statistics"

  • CNStats   - Web traffic analysis tool by CN-Software.

    Own description: "CNStats STD - a modern system for accumulation and analysis of site usage statistics"

  • Deep Log Analyzer   - Web analytics software by Deep Software.

    Own description: "Web Analytics Software"

  • FastStats   - Web log analizer by Mach5.

    Own description: "Mach5's FastStats Log File Analyzer is the fastest log file analysis tool bar-none. Know your website -- Get FastStats Analyzer! Free Trial."

  • Nihuo   - Web log analyzer.

    Own description: "Nihuo Web Log Analyzer Find out who, when, where and how of customers visited your site"

  • Pathalizer   - Open source web visits analysis tool.

    Own description: "Pathalizer: Visual website usage analysis"

  • SCL Analytics   - Web analytics tools and online services by Scientific Computers.

    Own description: "Leading technology company helping you reveal the hidden behaviour of applications, websites and customers."

  • Statomatic   - Web site traffic analysis tool by Alex Ivanov.

    Own description: "Comprehensive, real-time web site traffic analysis software and web log analyzer in one. Monitor your web site traffic in real time and get detailed overview of your web server activity."

  • Top Drop   - Web log analysis tool by Wieser Software.

    Own description: "Top Drop is a set of useful tools for running a web based business, including Log File analysis, and semi-automatic email responses."

  • Unica Web Analytics   - Web analytics tools and hosted services.

    Own description: "Unica software is now part of Enterprise Marketing Management at IBM."

  • Web Log Analyzer   - Page counter and logfile analyzer by Can-Guru.

    Own description: "AllSubmitter - SEO Software To Dominate Web Rankings On Google, Yahoo & All Major SE?s!"

  • Web Log Storming   - Web log analizer by Dataland Software.

    Own description: "Web Log Storming is an interactive web IIS and Apache server log file analyzer software for Windows - Google analytics alternative. Check goals and conversions, browse through statistics, drill down into details."

  • Weboscope   - Web traffic analysis tool by Weborama.

    Own description: "Weboscope, solutions de mesure d'audience et calcul de ROI en temps réel"

  • 10-Strike   - Web log analizer.

    Own description: "10-Strike Log-Analyzer is a web server log file analyzer. Get your web stats from the log files, generate reports and diagrams, visit referring sites. Download free trial."

  • FlashStats   - Log file analyzer by Maximized Software.

    Own description: "Web site log file analysis software to show website statistics such as hits, visits, paths, and search phrases. FlashStats 2006 is very easy to set up and use."

  • RedKernel Referrer Tracker   - Free referrer tracking script in PHP by RedKernel Softwares.

    Own description: "RedKernel Referrer Tracker, a FREE PHP/MYSQL Script."

  • SiteLog   - Website traffic analysis tools for ASP and ASP.NET by NetSpark.

    Own description: "| Innovative Software Solutions"

  • Net Trackers   - C, Perl and PHP scripts to track web traffic.

    Own description: "NetTrackers"

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