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 27 Hand-picked Requirements Management Tools


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  • Contour   - J2EE-based requirements management tool by Jama Software.

    Own description: "Jama combines industry-leading requirements management software with enterprise collaboration capabilities to solve complex product delivery challenges."

  • Cradle   - Systems engineering and requirements management tool by 3SL.

    Own description: "Requirements Management and Systems Engineering with Cradle From 3SL. Total project and systems engineering management from concept to creation."

  • Dimensions RM   - Requirements Management Tool by Serena Software.

    Own description: "Robust requirements management software for global collaboration, requirement change management, requirements reuse, and requirements traceability."

  • Doors   - Requirements Management Tool by IBM (formerly by Telelogic).

    Own description: "IBM - Rational DOORS"

  • Focal Point   - Decision support platform for product management, requirements management and portfolio management IBM (formerly by Telelogic).

    Own description: "IBM - Rational Focal Point"

  • Polarion   - Requirements management, project planning and collaboration, and issue tracking tools.

    Own description: "Affordable, fully-integrated Web 2.0 solutions for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Requirements Management, Qualita Assurance and Testing, Bug Tracking, and Team Collaboration. Innovative "Live ALM" technology reveals true state of development,..."

  • Requisite Pro   - Requirements Management Tool by IBM (formerly Rational).

    Own description: "IBM Software Products"

  • Accept 360   - Requirements Management tool by Accept Software.

    Own description: "Turn requirements chaos into clear insight and deliver products of higher value to your business."

  • Analyst Pro   - Software Requirements Tool by Goda Software

    Own description: "A requirements and lifecycle management software"

  • Concerto   - Concerto is a software project and requirements management platform by Parasoft.

    Own description: "A complete ALM platform that ensures quality software can be produced consistently and efficiently. It helps the team comply with management expectations while boosting productivity and application quality."

  • EPAM Project Management Center   - Project management tool supporting various aspects of development projects.

    Own description: "EPAM Systems - #1 provider of software product development services"

  • Gatherspace   - Hosted requirements management and use case tool.

    Own description: "Requirements Management - is a global leader in agile project management, use case management and requirements management software."

  • inteGREAT   - Requirements development and management tool by eDev.
  • MKS Integrity   - Requirements management tool by MKS.

    Own description: "With Integrity, Requirements Management software consists of capabilities like requirements change management and requirements configuration management. Software requirements capabilities of PTC's Integrity."

  • Neuma CM+   - Project management tools coperinv configuration management, requirements management and problem tracking.

    Own description: "Neuma Technology Inc. - CM+ Enterprise Software Configuration Management for Application Lifecycle Management"

  • RaQuest   - Requirements management tool by SparxSystems.

    Own description: "Requirements Management Tool RaQuest"

  • SpiraTest -   - Tool to manage requirements, tests, bugs and issues based on ASP.NET and SQL Server, by Inflectra.

    Own description: "Visit Inflectra's official site to easily research and purchase tools and software for automated project management, quality assurance and test management."

  • Elite?s Change Management System   - Change management tools by Elite Information Services.

    Own description: "Elite's Change Management Software is ideal for organizations looking at automating or establishing change management procedures and processes."

  • Pace   - Requirements management tool by ViewSet.

    Own description: "Viewset"

  • Requirements Manager (ReMa)   - Requirements management tool by Accord Software & Systems.

    Own description: "my page | hello"

  • RMTrak   - Requirements Management Tool for Engineering
  • Software Planner   - Application Lifecycle Management tool by Pragmatic Software.

    Own description: "ALMComplete is a Web Application Lifecycle Management Tool for all types of software testing methodologies. Sign up for a free trial today."

  • Arcway Cockpit   - Project collaboration and requirements management tool.

    Own description: "ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise Your solution for team collaboration. Enhance the power of your teams. Make the knowledge about your business process"

  • Projectricity   - Project management tool set and hosted service, supporting requirements, task and issue management

    Own description: "Home"

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