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 76 Hand-picked Planning Tools


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  • Redmine   - Open source project management and bug tracking tool written in Ruby.

    Own description: "Redmine"

  • dotProject   - Open source project management and collaboration tool.

    Own description: "Open Source Project and Task Management Software"

  • FogBugz   - Project management and defect tracking system for software teams by Fog Creek Software.

    Own description: "FogBugz is hosted bug tracking software used by great teams to make great software. Try it now for free."

  •   - Project planning and collaboration tool.
  • Ace Project   - Project planning, collaboration and bug tracking tool by WebSystems.

    Own description: "Free Project Management Software, Time Tracking and Collaboration Tool"

  • Gemini   - Project management and bug tracking software and online service.

    Own description: "Gemini is an agile project tracker with issue tracking and help desk ticketing going beyond project management software. Download a free trial today!"

  • LeadingProject   - Project planning tool for Windows and Mac OS by Computer Systems Odessa.

    Own description: "Gantt Charts: Project management, Gantt Chart for project planning and scheduling. Complete information on creating Gantt Charts on Mac OS, usage of Gantt Chart in project management, history of a Gantt Chart"

  • OpenProj   - Open source project planning tool by Projity.

    Own description: "Get the Support You Need, When You Need It! Device Advice technicians are available to help via remote access, live chat, or telephone 24/7/365!"

  • Polarion   - Requirements management, project planning and collaboration, and issue tracking tools.

    Own description: "Affordable, fully-integrated Web 2.0 solutions for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Requirements Management, Qualita Assurance and Testing, Bug Tracking, and Team Collaboration. Innovative "Live ALM" technology reveals true state of development,..."

  • Project Open   - Open source project management and issue tracking tool.
  • RationalPlan   - Project management software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    Own description: "Project Management Software - great alternative to Microsoft Project covering project planning/tracking, overallocated resources, Gantt Chart, Mac OS X support"

  • Sciforma   - Web-based and desktop-based project management tools.
  • Software Planner   - by Pragmatic Software

    Own description: "ALMComplete is a Web Application Lifecycle Management Tool for all types of software testing methodologies. Sign up for a free trial today."

  • TaskJuggler   - Open source project planning tool.

    Own description: "TaskJuggler Report"

  • Adaptive Planning   - Planning and scheduling tools for small to medium sized projects.

    Own description: "Adaptive Planning Tools offers planning and scheduling software covering multi project management and staff scheduling."

  • Concerto   - Concerto is a software project and requirements management platform by Parasoft.

    Own description: "A complete ALM platform that ensures quality software can be produced consistently and efficiently. It helps the team comply with management expectations while boosting productivity and application quality."

  • DevPlanner   - Personal planning tool.

    Own description: "Daily plan software, collects tasks, shows day, workweek and week views of daily activities. Generates timesheet, weekly reports."

  • Easy Projects .NET   - Project planning and defect tracking tool.

    Own description: "Web-based project management software with full control over your resources and projects' tracking. The best for teams and enterprises. 5 Stars on GetApp."

  • EPAM Project Management Center   - Project management tool supporting various aspects of development projects.

    Own description: "EPAM Systems - #1 provider of software product development services"

  • icTracker   - Project management and bug tracking tool based on web-technology by IC Soft.

    Own description: "icTracker is web based project management software application that makes task management, bug tracking, and document management hassle-free and straightforward."

  • In-Step   - Project planning tool by MicroTool.

    Own description: "Manage projects with processes and established methods. Full compliance included. Get your free trial of the project management software in-STEP BLUE now!"

  • Merlin   - Project planning tool for Mac OS by ProjectWizards.

    Own description: "ProjectWizards presents Merlin, the leading Project Management software for Mac. An alternative to Microsoft MS Project for Mac users (Apple Macintosh). Running native on OS X or in Web browser and on iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as ..."

  • Milestones   - Project planning tools by Kidasa Software.

    Own description: "Milestones Professional and Simplicity software are fast, easy ways to create schedules, timelines, and reports for projects. Download a trial today."

  • MinuteMan   - Project planning tool.

    Own description: "Project Management Software; an easy-to-use alternative for making schedules, planning resources, and tracking costs."

  • PlanBee   - Project planning tool by Guy Software.

    Own description: "An inexpensive alternative to Microsoft Project, PlanBee is a powerful yet inexpensive critical path project management and planning software tool able to produce reports, PERT charts and Gantt (bar) charts either printed or for use in other programs. ..."

  • PlanningForce   - Project planning and monitoring tool by Intelligent Software.

    Own description: "Project and resource planning software - Improve your plans and involve your team"

  • PMPal   - Project planning and defect management tool by Chemuturi Consultants.

    Own description: "Measure online marketing ROI with our free lead tracking software and lead management system."

  • PMPlan   - Project planning and resource management tool by AlNik Solutions.

    Own description: "PMPlan©"

  • Projistics   - Project Management tool.

    Own description: "Projistics is Bug Tracking Software, Bug Tracker Software Application; Which Provides a unique Web based bug-tracking tool, Defect Tracking tools and software for Defect Management."

  • Realization   - Enterprise Project Management tool by Realization Technologies.

    Own description: "Realization provides Project Management Software and Services based on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), Lean and Kanban methodologies."

  • Time-Assistant   - Time tracking tool based on PHP and MySQL/Oracle by Softerra.

    Own description: "Web based time tracking software for Internet/Intranet, featuring employee timesheets, various reports and project management tools that include salary calculation, invoices and expenses, online services and a PDA package"

  • TimePro   - Timesheet tool and on-line service by Intertec.

    Own description: "Timesheet, Time tracking and Web Timesheets - Intertec TimePro"

  • TurboProject   - Project management tool by Office Work Software.

    Own description: "The most efficient way to manage projects & increase productivity with TurboProject Project Management Software."

  • VIP To Do List   - Simple task planning tool by VIP Quality Software.

    Own description: "Task Management Software for Project Collaboration, Employee Scheduling"

  • WBS Chart Pro   - Project planning tool by Critical Tools.

    Own description: "WBS Software, WBS, Work Breakdown Structure, WBS Chart Pro Software - Plan and manage projects using a WBS chart (Work Breakdown Structure chart)."

  • Windmill   - Project management and planning tool by Hornet.
  • Deltek Open Plan   - Project planning tool.

    Own description: "Deltek Open Plan is an enterprise-class program management solution that offers cost & budget flexibility for small or large projects. Contact us today."

  • FastTrack   - Project planning tool by AEC Software.

    Own description: "Requested URL Not Foundproducts/desktop/fasttrack | AEC Software"

  • Innate   - Project planning and tracking tool.

    Own description: "Innate resource management software is the logical next step if you're struggling with spreadsheets for visibility and control and need a speedy solution."

  • Plan on the net   - Project planning tool by Radha Software.

    Own description: "Plan On The Net"

  • Software Planner   - Application Lifecycle Management tool by Pragmatic Software.

    Own description: "ALMComplete is a Web Application Lifecycle Management Tool for all types of software testing methodologies. Sign up for a free trial today."

  • TimeLive   - Project task tracking and bug tracking tool. Also available as hosted service.

    Own description: "TimeLive Time and expense is a software for time recording, expense tracking and time billing. It is a complete integrated software for time tracking."

  • TrackerSuite.Net   - Project planning and tracking tool by Automation Centre.

    Own description: "A work management software solution, TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated Web applications that simplify Project Management, Time, Purchasing, HR, IT and more."

  • VIP Task Manager   - Task planning and tracking tool by VIP Quality Software.

    Own description: "Task management software for planning, scheduling, tracking, measuring and reporting employee time and tasks within projects or business processes"

  • Projectricity   - Project management tool set and hosted service, supporting requirements, task and issue management

    Own description: "Home"

  • TEQproject   - Project management and controlling tool by TEQneers.

    Own description: "TEQneers GmbH & Co. KG bietet Softwareentwicklung / Anwendungsentwicklung für webbasierte Lösungen wie Testmanagement, Projektmanagement, Individuallösungen."

  • WWW Support   - Defect tracking and task management tool and service by Foss Software.

    Own description: "WWW Support - Bug Tracking, Project Management, Knowledge Base and more..."

  • Ican   - Project scheduling tool by McLachlan Software.

    Own description: "McLachlan Software"

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