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 53 Hand-picked JavaScript Programming Tools


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  • jQuery   - Extensive open source JavaScript library.

    Own description: "jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library"

  • MooTools   - Object-Oriented jopen source Jvascript framework by Valerio Proietti.

    Own description: "mootools, a super lightweight web2.0 javascript framework"

  • ASP.NET Ajax   - Ajax framework by Microsoft.

    Own description: "Add Ajax functionality to your ASP.NET applications with jQuery or the Ajax Control Toolkit. Improve the performance of your Ajax applications with the Microsoft AJAX Content Delivery Network."

  • CKEditor   - Open source HTML text editor to provide rich text editing on web pages, by Frederico Caldeira Knabben. Formerly called FCKeditor.

    Own description: " | The best web text editor for everyone"

  • Dojo   - Open source Javascript toolkit.

    Own description: "Dojo saves you time, delivers powerful performance, and scales with your development process. Itâ??s the toolkit experienced developers turn to for building superior desktop and mobile web experiences."

  • Ext JS   - Open source JavaScript/Ajax library developed by Sencha.

    Own description: "Sencha Ext JS is the leading JavaScript framework with an MVC architecture and modern UI widgets."

  • Google Gears   - Open source framework to enable web applications to provide offline functionality.

    Own description: "Gears API Blog: Stopping the Gears"

  • Prototype   - JavaScript framework to build dynamic web applications.

    Own description: "Prototype JavaScript framework: a foundation for ambitious web applications"

  •   - Open source Javascript library based on to the Prototype framework, by Thomas Fuchs.

    Own description: " - web 2.0 javascript"

  • Zapatec   - Javascript / DHTML scripts.

    Own description: ""

  • AJS   - Lightweight open source JavaScript library by by Amir Salihefendic.

    Own description: "Orangoo Labs - AJS - Ultra lightweight JavaScript library"

  • Bindows   - AJAX framework by MB Technologies.

    Own description: "Bindows™ is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for writing robust and secure Rich Internet Applications. The Bindows platform provide rich functionality for thin Web clients. Bindows applications require no end-user downloads - true zero-footprint ..."

  • JSMin   - Javascript minifier by Douglas Crockford.

    Own description: "JSMIN, The JavaScript Minifier"

  • Rico   - Open source Javascript library.

    Own description: "Rico"

  • Backbase   - Ajax development framework.

    Own description: "Backbase delivers leading customer experience platform to enterprises that want to deliver a superior customer experience."

  • Cross-Browser   - Open source Javascript libraries by Mike Foster.

    Own description: " : Home of the X Library"

  • DWR - Direct Web Remoting   - Open source Ajax library for Java.

    Own description: "DWR - Easy Ajax for JAVA"

  • Interface   - Open source Javascript collection of rich interface components, using the jQuery library.

    Own description: "Interface elements for jQuery - About Interface"

  • JavaScript Lint   - Open source code checker for JavaScript. Also available as online checker.

    Own description: "JavaScript Lint is a code checker that finds common mistakes in scripts."

  • Sajax   - Open source Ajax library for ASP, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby by ModernMethod.

    Own description: "Ajax Toolkit for PHP - SAJAX - Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod"

  • Semantic Designs   - Analysis, migration, test tools for many programming languages.

    Own description: "Semantic Designs"

  • Aevita   - Encryption and password protection of HTML pages using Javascript.

    Own description: "Encrypt and protect your HTML pages or the whole website with a password in just a few clicks with Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect!"

  • CPAINT, Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit   - Open source Ajax toolkit.

    Own description: "Documentation for the CPAINT AJAX toolkit"

  • OAT Framework   - Open source JavaScript-based toolkit for rich internet application development.

    Own description: "OAT Framework"

  • SmartClient   - AJAX library by Isomorphic Software.

    Own description: "The SmartClient platform makes it simple to build powerful, high-productivity web applications using Ajax and GWT."

  • W3 Compiler   - Tool to minimize JavaScript, HTML and CSS files by Port80 Software.

    Own description: "Optimize your source code for faster and safer Web site delivery with w3compiler from Port80 Software. Developers can optimize JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP and CFM files as a final pre-deployment step that will save bandwidth, speed up pages and secure s..."

  • Polystyle   - Source code formatter for several programming languages.

    Own description: "Polystyle - Multi-Language Source Code Formatter, Minify HTML"

  • SourceCode to Flowchart   - Flowchart generator.

    Own description: "Code Visual to Flowchart is an automatic program Flow chart generator, it supports most programming languages and Visio,Word,Excel,PowerPoint,PNG and BMP output formats."

  • XOAD   - PHP based Ajax framework for building dynamic web applications.

    Own description: "Download XOAD. XOAD is a PHP based AJAX/XAP object oriented framework that allows you to create richer web applications. Formerly known as NAJAX, XOAD has many benefits:"

  • TinyMCE   - Open source Javascript-based HTML text editor to provide rich text editing on web pages, by Moxiecode Systems.

    Own description: "TinyMCE - Home"

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