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 26 Matching Links - sorted by search engine weighting, sort alphabetically
  • Wicket   - Opern source Java web development framework by Apache.

    Own description: "Apache Wicket - Welcome to Apache Wicket"

  • Coverity   - C, C++ and Java source code analysis tool.

    Own description: "Coverity software testing solutions are built on award-winning static analysis technology, enabling fast, resilient, predicable software delivery."

  • Guice   - Open source dependency injection framework for Java by Google.

    Own description: "google-guice - Guice (pronounced 'juice') is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 5 and above, brought to you by Google. - Google Project Hosting"

  • PMD   - Open source Java source code analyzer.

    Own description: "PMD is a source code analyzer. It finds unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and so forth."

  • TeamCity   - Integration and build management tool for Java and .NET development.

    Own description: "Continuous Integration and build server for developers and DevOps alike from JetBrains, creators of IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper. Free professional edition available."

  • UModel   - UML modeling tool with Java code generation by Altova.

    Own description: "Altova UModel is a UML tool that supports all 14 standard Unified Modeling Language diagrams, database modeling, XML Schema modeling, all 9 SysML diagrams, and business process modeling (BPMN), with code engineering in Java, C#, and Visual Basic, round..."

  • DWR - Direct Web Remoting   - Open source Ajax library for Java.

    Own description: "DWR - Easy Ajax for JAVA"

  • Emma   - Open source Java code coverage tool.

    Own description: "EMMA: a free Java code coverage tool"

  • Jalopy   - Java source code formatter by Triemax.

    Own description: "Jalopy is a world-class source code formatter for Java that provides highly tuned output, extreme configurability and seamless integration with all common IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, JDeveloper, NetBeans or build tools like Ant and Maven"

  • Jalopy Open Source   - Java source code formatter.

    Own description: "J A L O P Y - Jalopy the source code formatting tool"

  • JProbe   - Performance toolkit for Java code tuning by Quest Software.

    Own description: "Software designed to simplify the management of IT across physical, virtual, and cloud environments."

  • PurifyPlus   - Dynamic code analysis tool by IBM (formerly Rational).

    Own description: "IBM - Software - Rational PurifyPlus family"

  • Semantic Designs   - Analysis, migration, test tools for many programming languages.

    Own description: "Semantic Designs"

  • Testwell   - Test and metrics tools for C, C++ and Java.

    Own description: "Testwell"

  • Uncrustify   - Open source source code beautifier.

    Own description: "Uncrustify - Source Code Beautifier for C-like languages"

  • Allatori Obfuscator   - Java obfuscator by Smardec.

    Own description: "Allatori Java Obfuscator - Professional Java Obfuscation"

  • Application Assurance Suite   - Java / J2EE application performance diagnosis tools by Quest Software.

    Own description: "Java tools & software providing application design, Java performance monitoring, and diagnostics."

  • Jindent   - Java source code formatter by Dangberg Software Solutions.

    Own description: "Jindent is a powerful Java formatter and C/C++ beautifier. More than 600 formatter settings to beautify your source code - download free demo!"

  • JPretty   - Free Java source code beautifier by Man Machine Systems.

    Own description: "Java Source Beautifier: JPretty (Man Machine Systems)"

  • JStyle   - Java code analyzer by Man Machine Systems.

    Own description: "Automate java code review by using JStyle. Also, compute several object-oriented metrics."

  • SourceTec Java Decompiler   - Builds Java source code from .class files.

    Own description: "Flash Animation Software, create numerous Text Animations, Flash Albums, Flash Buttons and Flash Banners. With more than 1000 well-designed resources, more than 65 animation Text Effects, 30 templates and flexible ActionScript, it is the fastest and ea..."

  • Jacobe   - Free Java source code beautifier by Tiobe Software.

    Own description: "TIOBE Software B.V. Company Homepage"

  • JavaChecker   - Static code analysis for Java.

    Own description: "Download JavaChecker. JavaChecker is a program which does static analysis for Java source files."

  • Polystyle   - Source code formatter for several programming languages.

    Own description: "Polystyle - Multi-Language Source Code Formatter, Minify HTML"

  • SourceCode to Flowchart   - Flowchart generator.

    Own description: "Code Visual to Flowchart is an automatic program Flow chart generator, it supports most programming languages and Visio,Word,Excel,PowerPoint,PNG and BMP output formats."

  • SQCBW   - Source code beautifier for C-like languages.

    Own description: "SQCBW Source Code Beautifier/Formatter/Indenter for C/C++/C# and Java/J#: Tool/Utility for Software Developer(s)/Programmer(s)"

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