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 40 Hand-picked Configuration Management Tools


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  • Bazaar-NG   - Open source distributed version control system.

    Own description: "Bazaar version control system: easily manage source code on Windows, Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X"

  • Git   - Open source distributed source code management tool.

    Own description: "Git"

  • Mercurial   - Lightweight open source distributed source control management system.

    Own description: "Mercurial SCM"

  • Subversion   - Open source version control system.

    Own description: "CollabNet, Facilitating Collaborative Software Development"

  • BitKeeper   - Distributed configuration management system.

    Own description: "BitKeeper - The Scalable Distributed Software Configuration Management System"

  • Darcs   - Open source revision control system.

    Own description: "Darcs - FrontPage"

  • Gnu Arch   - Open source revision control system.

    Own description: "GNU arch - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)"

  • Monotone   - Open source distributed version control system.

    Own description: "monotone"

  • Perforce   - Software Configuration Management tool.

    Own description: "Perforce powers Continuous Delivery. Build better products faster, at scale, with Perforce version control and version management solutions."

  • RCS, GNU Revision Control System   - Configuration Management tool.

    Own description: "RCS - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation"

  • SourceAnywhere   - Hosted or standalone source code management system by Dynamsoft.

    Own description: "SourceAnywhere is VSS-style source control solution with good support for Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver and other IDEs."

  • StarTeam   - Configuration Management tool by Borland.

    Own description: "StarTeam is the change and configuration management tool that goes beyond source control to gain ownership of your development environment. 30-day Free Trial."

  • SVK   - Open source decentralized version control system.

    Own description: "Version Control with SVK"

  • Visual SourceSafe   - Configuration Management tool by Microsoft.

    Own description: "Visual SourceSafe 2005"

  • AccuRev   - Configuration management tool.

    Own description: "AccuRev's application life-cycle solution unleashes the power of software development teams to deliver superior results. Designed for enterprises where software is critical, AccuRevâ??s unique architecture removes constraints and allows teams to d..."

  • Aegis   - Open source transaction-based software configuration management system.

    Own description: "Aegis 4.24"

  • ChangeMan   - Configuration management tool for mainframe systems by Serena.

    Own description: "Mainframe application development and software change management by Serena ChangeMan ZMF."

  • Clear Case   - Configuration Management tool by IBM (formerly Rational).

    Own description: "IBM - Rational ClearCase"

  • Code Co-op   - Peer-to-peer version control system by Reliable Software.

    Own description: "Home of Code Co-op version control for distributed teams, programming resources including tutorials, Windows APIs, and Freeware"

  • Synergy   - Configuration and Change Management tool by IBM, formerly by Telelogic. Used to be called Continuus.

    Own description: "IBM - change management - Rational Synergy"

  • Vault   - Configuration Management tool by SourceGear.

    Own description: "SourceGear | Vault"

  • Vesta   - Open source Configuration Management System.

    Own description: "Vesta Configuration Management System"

  • Aldon Lifecycle Manager   - Software configuration and change management tool

    Own description: "Rocket Aldon provides application change management software from change request to delivering application software into production."

  • All Change   - Configuration Management tool by Intasoft.

    Own description: "Change Management Configuration Management Software"

  • Jedi VCS   - Open source version control system.

    Own description: "JEDI Version Control System"

  • Neuma CM+   - Project management tools coperinv configuration management, requirements management and problem tracking.

    Own description: "Neuma Technology Inc. - CM+ Enterprise Software Configuration Management for Application Lifecycle Management"

  • PureCM   - Configuration management tool

    Own description: "PureCM Software Configuration Management. Task-based version control to accelerate and control software development. Optimised for parallel and distributed development, complete with CruiseControl.NET and FinalBuilder plugins for continuous integration..."

  • QVCS   - Quma Version Control System.

    Own description: "Your source for affordable version control tools."

  • SourceJammer   - Open source source control and versioning system.

    Own description: "SourceJammer"

  • Spectrum SCM   - Software Configuration Management tool by Spectrum Software.

    Own description: "Spectrum Software, Inc, GA USA"

  • Surround SCM   - Software Change Management tool by Seapine.

    Own description: "Seapine Software - Bug, Issue Tracking, and Test Case Mangement with TestTrack Studio. Version and Source Control with Surround SCM. Automated Testing with QA Wizard Pro."

  • Team Coherence   - Configuration Management and issue tracking tool by Quality Software Components.

    Own description: "Source Control, Version Control and Bug Tracking"

  • TLib   - Version control system by Burton Systems.

    Own description: "TLIB Version Control, professional quality Software Configuration Management at a personal price, from Burton Systems Software"

  • AVS - Advanced Versioning System   - Open source configuration management system embedding a bug tracking tool.

    Own description: "software configuration management with integrated bug tracking engine, 100% java client deployed through JNLP"

  • Enterprise Bridge (eB)   - Configuration and document management tool by Enterprise Informatics.

    Own description: "Bentley Delivers eB Insight â?? the Foundation of Its AssetWise Platform for Asset Lifecycle Information Management"

  • Razor   - Configuration management and defect tracking tool by Visible Systems.

    Own description: "Integrated, feature-rich configuration management system providing process management, issue/problem tracking, version control, and release management for software engineering, e-Business, and web development. Ensures compliance with ISO 9000 and SEI C..."

  • SnapshotCM   - Software Configuration Management tool by True Blue Software.

    Own description: "Visual, fast and simple software configuration management solution for parallel team development and version control."

  • Software Ever After   - Tools for version control, problem tracking and test management.

    Own description: "Melbourne event, family and wedding photographer. Affordable and responsive. Photo shoot in the comfort of your home. Prints on the spot and image files on CD."

  • TRUEchange   - Configuration Management tool by McCabe.

    Own description: "Leading organizations use McCabe CM - TRUEchange, the only Software Change and Configuration Management solution to utilize 'Integrated Difference' technology, to selectively migrate change across the enterprise, saving time, resources, and money."

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